General Committee is the highest policy formulation body of ARCHES and overall management of the organization is guided by the Committee. The General Committee consists of 22 members from different professionals. The general committee elects the executive committee (EC) for two years. The organization now has seven members executive committee, who are from qualified professions of diversified academic background overseeing the country wide activities on behalf of the general committee. The General Secretary of EC plays potential role as an executive director, who is the chief executive of the organization. He/She is responsible for overall administration, planning and management of the organization. Further, he/she is responsible for keeping contact with the government and non- government agencies and donors to ensure fund for the organization. The executive director is accountable to the executive committee. There is one deputy executive director responsible for the overall coordination of the entire programs/ project of the organization. The deputy executive director assists the executive director in overall planning and management of the organization and is directly accountable to him/her.

Name of person Sex Designation Occupation Years of term of Office
Dr.A.F.M. Sakhawat Hossain Male President Social worker &Private Practitioner 2013-2016
Dr.Jamal Uddin Khalifa Male Vice-President Social worker &Private Practitioner 2013-2016
 Abida Sultana Female General Secretary & Executive Director Social worker 2013-2016
Mrs. Rasida Akhtar Female Asstt. General Secretary Social worker 2013-2016
Mr. Sultan Ahmed Male Treasurer Social worker 2013-2016
Dr.M.A.Rauf Sardar Male Member Social worker &Private Practitioner 2013-2016
Md. Kamal Uddin Ahmed Male Member Social worker 2013-2016