It is my Pleasure to express the views regarding publication of Annual Report. The report presents the progress of Association for Renovation of Community Health Education Services “ARCHES” activities during the financial year (FY) 2013. The report is furnished with the help of information and experience coming from the field level that the Watson program, Education Program, Awareness Program, VGD Program, Food Security Programme-2006, Soil Fertility Component Grants Scheme & Funeral fund and micro-credit Program are playing a significant role on poverty alleviation. Indeed, the country is synonymous with disaster one after another, flood or drought, over population or under development and arsenic contamination to name but we did lots to remove these problems.
I convey my special appreciation to all my colleagues, project staff and volunteers for their hard work and commitment.
I am grateful to the local government, authority, donor agencies for extending all the necessary help, cooperation and direction in implementing different programs/projects.

May the Almighty God help us to materialize our cherished dreams of building up a happy and prosperous nation by inspiring and helping distressed and poor people to be-self-reliant.