Men have an infinitive habitual tendency to fulfill their life in prosper. This tendency has been continuing till from the primitive stage of the earth. This event have different pattern in person and community. Especially slum areas people shelter less. People has been developed beside with high raised building although the endless enrichment of human civilization and economy. Developing countries of third world are present along with developed countries.

Bangladesh faces different difficulties as a developing country of third world. Large portion of its population are deprived the access of food, cloths, shelter, education, treatment and recreation entitlement. There is no balance between the human resource and employment opportunity. For this reason society is disrupted. A huge number of landless people is passing their time the bearing the blame of unemployment. On the other hand thousands of people are migrated from rural to urban areas. They had meets their minimum fundamental rights in rural areas. They are trying to find a job and searches everywhere. They have no shelter, access. They are living in the slum areas with in-humanitarian life. The facilities of rural areas are not different. In spite of farmer a large portion of them have no cultivable land or capital. Floods, Cyclone, Drought are the common events. They suffer from adequate nutrition. As a result working ability is decreasing gradually. Human resources are the main capital of a nation. A nation never is developed without proper using her resources. Social and economic disruption will be happened if a large portion of population becomes unemployed. So it is very necessary to come forward the service oriented organizations to overcome this situation along with government program.

The Association for Renovation of Community Health Education Services (ARCHES) has been developed to aid comparatively poor and health less peoples in different disaster period and commitment to solve their problems permanently or semi permanently. We will be glad if this organization is able to manage normal livelihoods of the countrywide.